Training for my first Olympic Triathlon (July 9), only 2 weeks left

Last week

  • My running went well. My left knee feels good. I ran 4 miles twice. Not wanting to push my luck, I ran/ walked my 6 mile “run”.

This week

  • My Olympic triathlon is two weeks away. This week is my last week of increasing volume and intensity.
  • This will be a brutal travel week: 1 day trip to Kansas City, 1 day trip to Toronto, 3 day road trip. (That’s me both whining, looking for sympathy and acknowledging reality.) So I’m extending this training week to 8 to 9 days … You can do that when it’s your training program and blog! This works because next week, my last training week, will be a very low volume and intensity week.
    • UPDATE: As expected, it was a tough travel week. I did not complete one swim (1500 meters) two runs (5 and 7 miles) and one bike (30 miles). All week, I was feeling stressed about it. However, the past is the past … there is nothing I can do now. I can only plan and execute next week’s training (final training week).
  • Italicized notes underneath event made after completing the event … I’ve been using these posts as a journal.

Week Swim Bike Run Weight training
Sun (June 25)  1000 meters Deadlift 255# x 5 reps for two sets

Standing overhead dumbbell press 70# x 15 reps for two sets

Mon  15 miles
Fri 20 miles
Sat 1250 meters
Sun (July 2) 4 miles

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