Happy Anniversary to my Wife!

Happy Anniversary Honey!

I was thinking about to what to write. After all, it’s not easy to summarize 20 years of marriage. I won’t try. Instead, I started a list of “20 favorite moments”. I don’t know that these are my very favorite moments, some certainly are. These are all moments that make me happy when I think about them. And remind me why I love you.

  1. First PACE bus ride together.
  2. First kiss.
  3. Ice water shocks my system … and you still stuck around.
  4. Pancho Villa.
  5. Pink cheerleader shorts.
  6. Forrest Preserve.
  7. 1996 Olympics.
  8. Pikes Peak … you said yes.
  9. Wedding day … you were so pretty.
  10. Honeymoon sunset cruise … you in your flowery dress, va-va-voom.
  11. Our first apartment … cooked bananas and a shower curtain rod that wouldn’t stay on.
  12. Moving into our house.
  13. You pregnant sitting in the bathtub … you were so done yet so patient.
  14. Birth of Boy1 … and the next 12 months of endless baby puke.
  15. Birth of Boy2 … the boy who communicated with animal sounds.
  16. Birth of Boy3 … the boy who would climb in and out of his crib to take care of business.
  17. Remodeling our home … how did we survive?
  18. You in your red dress and red heels, wearing red lipstick …  She’s a babe! Schwing!
  19. Hawaii.
  20. Preparing our boys for their future.

I love you!


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