• If you read my last post, you know that I completed my first Olympic triathlon. In that post, I provided a summary of my performance and promised a detailed review of the entire event. Since I keep each post brief, I’ll use several posts. In this one, I cover the day before preparation.


  • The day before preparation included: picking up the information packet, attending the pre-event meeting, packing the necessary supplies and understanding/ planning the morning of the event (triathlon).
    • Picking up the information packet This was easy. I had the option of picking up my packet the Friday (2 days prior) before the event. This was convenient. The packet included a swim cap, bib (your race number), stickers (with your race number for bike, bike helmet and duffel bag) and t-shirt.
    • Attending the pre-event meeting I did not attend the pre-event meeting because we had a funeral to attend. I was nervous about missing the meeting. Luckily, I visited the location of the event a few weeks prior. I understood the car parking, transition, main park and swim areas. I got a sense of the swim, bike and run flow. In retrospect, I wasn’t hurt by not attending the meeting.
    • Packing the necessary supplies 
      • Swim supplies: Swim cap, swim goggles and towel. My wife marked (w/permanent marker) my shoulder/ arms (number) and back of my leg (age for age group).
      • Bike supplies: Bike, tire pump, 2 bottles of water, helmet, shorts, shirt, socks and riding shoes (clip into pedals). I used the stickers to number my bike and helmet.
      • Run supplies: Another shirt with bib attached, socks and running shoes.
      • Other: Extra bottle of water, extra towel (large), extra small towel (small, for my cold/ runny nose).  I packed everything in one bag, and labeled the bag with a sticker (number) . I set everything by the back door. This reduced anxiety, but not totally. I spent 30 minutes online looking at various triathlon checklists and cross referencing these against my own.
      • Clothes to wear: The typical triathlon uniform is “tri shorts“. I wasn’t comfortable wearing spandex so I wore a swim suit over for the tri shorts for swimming and shorts over them for biking and running. (Tri shorts dry quickly and have a padded bottom for the bike ride.) I wore the t-shirt that I planned on wearing for the bike ride.


  • That’s it. As noted, I set everything by the back door. When I woke up the morning of the event, all I had to do was brush my teeth, shave, quick shower, shave, make coffee and load the car. This prep helped my night before nerves.

  • Next post (I’ll post in a few days) … Getting to the event and setting up.

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  1. CheapAthlete says:

    Congrats on completing your first tri! You’re now a triathlete. And nice bike btw. 🙂

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