• I completed my first Olympic triathlon 1-mile swim, 25-mile bike, 6-mile run) one month ago. I’m ready for another.
  • I found an event in Lake Geneva, WI. It’s a pretty area, and a reasonable drive from my home.
  • I haven’t sign up yet. Why? Work. I just ended a 7 month assignment. I’m not sure what the next 6 months will hold. I don’t want to spend the entry fee only to find out that I won’t be in town for the event. (For example, last year, I spent plenty of timing going back and forth to the UK.) I’ll sign up in September when I have more visibility:
  • The event is in late September (2017), 7+ weeks from now.
  • I found the event last weekend and started training this week. This will give me 8 weeks to train.
  • My training will look much like before (training for my first event). I will emphasize:
    • Swimming – Siting (look where you are going … helps you stay straight).
    • Biking and running – Find more hills to ride and run up.
  • Like my first Olympic triathlon, I have no goals other than completing my training each week and competing safely.
  • This was my first week of training. Here’s the plan:
    • Swim – 2 300-meter sessions
    • Bike – 8-mile and 10-mile rides
    • Run – 2 3-mile runs and 1 2-mile run

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