Week two of the keto diet

Weight loss progress

  • Day “0” = 232.8#
  • End of week 1 = 223.2#
  • End of week 2 = 227.2#
  • Summary = Down 5.6# so far

That’s a lot of up and down

  • That’s right. It is …
  • As I’ve mentioned in prior post, my weight this past year (from March 2017 to September 2017) has fluctuated within a 10# range, call it 220# to 230#.
  • Have I lost weight (fat)? It is too soon to tell. I won’t make that judgement until I drop below 220#.
  • In terms of last week’s weigh-in, I had a rather large “movement” the day night before (weigh-in). Regarding this morning’s weigh-in, I haven’t had a “movement” in 3 to 4 days. A “movement” is worth 2# to 6#.

Eating this week

  • In terms of eating well (Paleo compliant and total food intake), I did well. Which is good, because it was a challenging week. On Monday, I was out all day on a college tour. On Monday night, I took an overnight flight to London, returning Friday morning. That’s 18 hours on a plane (9 each way). While in the U.K., my sleep schedule was so-so. And my eating schedule was worse.
  • What didn’t go well? I blew the keto diet (less than 50 grams of carbohydrates per day). (1) I had one or two alcoholic drinks per day (3 days): 3 red wines and 2 “old Cubans” in total. (2) I had 3 deserts: small chocolate mouse with teaspoon of whip cream (3 total). (3) I lacked access to vegetables. I substituted fruit which I had better access too.
  • What went well? Trips like this offer so much access to junk food. For example, I traveled business class. That means unlimited access to wine and not so good airline food. I passed. There was snack food and candy at that job site and in the office. I passed. The hotel’s executive lounge had a large jar of jelly beans and weird, but tasty, cookies. I looked at both with disdain (not true, but I didn’t consume either).
  • One last confession … I was at my youngest son’s soccer (end of year) pizza party last night. I ate 3 small (squares) of cheese pizza.
  • I estimate that I consumed 100 to 200 grams per day of carbohydrates on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

To do it over again

  • I have two more trips to the U.K. planned this year, and one to Japan.
  • I’ll continue to avoid all random junk food.
  • I’ll plan better so than I can eat more veggies and less fruit (lowering carbohydrates overall).
  • I’ll limit alcohol to (average) one drink per (travel) day.
  • I’ll limit dessert intake. (1) I’ll partake only when I’m dining with my boss/ peers/ my team. (2) I’ll make good choices: the dessert itself and the amount I eat.
  • I’ll fast on one travel day. This will be easiest to do on the “going to” or return days. I’ll probably pick the “going to” day.

Restart my 21 day keto reset

  • I’ll restart today.

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